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Should I Be Drinking Protein Shakes?

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Short answer, yes. Continue reading if you’d like to know why you should be drinking protein shakes. For the average US of A inhabitant, we’re not killing it on the nutrition front (although we're getting better!). Our diets are riddled with deficiencies in many essential vitamins and minerals, with our fat to carb ration being much higher than our protein intake across the board.

A Little Bit About Protein

Protein is great. It’s responsible for pretty much all cellular function in your body, which is why they call it the building blocks of life! It also aids in regulating your metabolism, repairing muscles, supporting your immune system, and a whole lot more. People who are protein deficient usually tire very easily, get sick often, and have a hard time losing weight. So, protein is the good guy, but often times we don’t get enough on a daily basis. This is where protein shakes come in. They’re a really easy way to bump your protein intake, simple as that. They won’t make you bulky or gain weight; they’ll just help your body function at its full capacity. If you’re active, protein shakes are a necessity.

Protein Shakes and Exercise

This is an almost 100% yes, you should be drinking protein shakes. During a workout, you have created micro tears in your muscles that will then rebuild and make you stronger, IF you’re refueling with protein and the necessary nutrients needed to build that muscle. Your body needs a shot of protein between 15-30 minutes after you workout for ideal recovery and muscle repair. This means you’ll be less sore the next day, and all the work you just did will be solidified. If you’re noticing that your body is sore for too long after a workout, you should definitely consider adding in a post workout protein shake. Chances are you will see a drastic improvement in how you feel.

That 15-30 minute window is crucial for your shake to have optimal effect. I don’t know about you, but it takes me a little longer than 15 minutes to get home and make a meal, 30 minutes would even be cutting it close (I just worked out, don’t rush me!). Essential for recovery and reaching your fitness goals, a protein shake makes it a lot easier to refuel your muscles inside of that window.

Protein Shakes and No Exercise

Still important! As I mentioned earlier, many of us aren’t meeting our daily quota. Whether you’re not big on meat or just have a hard time getting three solid meals in a day, a protein shake can pack huge benefits for your overall health (cellular function, all that good stuff). It keeps you fuller, promotes a healthy metabolism, and provides a longer source of energy.

All in all, protein is your friend and you should get it any way you can! Shakes are one of those ways, and we highly encourage everyone to incorporate a protein supplement to their daily diet for 30 days to see how things go. You'll most likely notice improvements such as: increased energy, stronger/shinier hair, stronger nails, decreased fatigue, quicker recovery (if exercising).

Things to remember when finding a protein supplement that works for you:

Go for a low sugar formula, we get plenty of this already!

Try a plant based recipe. The majority of people find that whey and casein (dairy based proteins) cause bloating and gas.

Find one that is all natural or organic. There are too many that are to go with anything else, IMO.

Read the label! Look for fillers in there like maltodextrin, xanthan gum, or sucralose.

Happy hunting :)