How To Keep Your Energy Up In Fall/Winter

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Unlike Summer, it can be hard to keep your energy up in fall/winter. As the cooler months roll around we tend to notice our energy levels dip with the temperature, and our urges to hibernate with Domino's and Netflix rise. This is caused by multiple changes that appear throughout the cooler seasons, including:

  • Colder temperatures slow blood flow and make us feel stiffer and sluggish

  • The sun rising later and setting earlier reduces motivation to workout (or leave the house at all)

  • We turn to comfort foods more frequently adding a higher than normal amount inflammatory and calorie heavy foods to our diets

  • We get sick more often

  • We have less opportunity to get our VitaminD fix in with the lack of strong UV from the summer sun

While it can be hard to battle these energy sucking elements, there are certainly ways to combat them. Try these 5 things to help keep your energy up this fall/winter.

1. Eat Immune Boosting Foods

Diet has a huge impact on your energy levels whatever the season, but it's particularly important during the colder months when colds, flus and other bugs are running rampant. Some key foods to include are: citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, broccoli, spinach, yogurt, green tea, turmeric and almonds. Try making smoothies and juices to incorporate many of these in one go.

2. Workout Anyway

Workout despite the fact that the sun still isn't up, it's cold out and you're not going to be wearing a bathing suit for many months to come. Exercise is always an incredible natural energy booster but you'll feel the effects even more during Fall and Winter. Getting your blood flowing and endorphins pumping is the perfect way to kick the winter blues (and help combat all the holiday party snacking and drinking).

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3. Sleep (The Right Amount)

Getting enough sleep consistently plays a major role in our energy levels. Not enough sleep and you'll suffer from brain fog and fatigue, try to play catch up (oversleeping) and you're left feeling sluggish and half awake. Try your best to get those precious 7-8 hours per night to keep your body balanced and your energy levels up!

4. Supplement Correctly

Taking your vitamins and drinking protein shakes may not have come across your radar when considering low energy, but there are a few key players you shouldn't neglect in your supplement routine during the winter months. For vitamins, make sure you're getting plenty of Vitamin D, B12, C, and most importantly, CoQ10 (read more about this miracle molecule here). Another important supp is probiotics. Your gut is connected to so many things in your body and keeping it healthy all year round is the goal, but with it being so closely linked to your immune system, this is something to pay closer attention to during cold and flu season.

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5. Keep Your Stress Levels Down

Easy, right? We know this one isn't as easy as taking a multivitamin, but it has to be mentioned. Negative thoughts, anxiety and stress drain us mentally and physically. Take these colder months to start up a meditation routine, or begin journaling. Make sure your evening rituals are calming and set you up for a peaceful nights sleep: no electronics after 7pm, a hot shower, essential oils etc. Not only will your energy levels thank you, but many other aspects of your life will benefit from your lowered stress as well.

Also, drink more coffee.

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