How To Create Balance In Your Life

Your partner, your kids, diet, friends, finances, siblings and family, sleep, your job, your hobbies, your passions...and the list goes on. How does one balance all of these things?! 

If you try and give equal amounts of energy to all areas of your life at the same time, all the time, you're going to end up like our totally ridiculous friend here-- crashing for no reason. Instead of picturing all areas of your life perfectly balanced and stable, imagine them with a little more movement and fluidity. 

It's Simple

When you give energy and time to one thing, you're taking away from another. E.g. If you opt to workout early in the morning, you're going to get less sleep. Simple. If you do this every day without adjusting for days where you really need the extra sleep over a workout, you're going full infomercial derp but worse. 

So, balance! It's a game of give and take. Say you have 5 plates spinning on top of sticks like our talented friend here (ignore his 6th): your relationships, your health, your career, your free time/fun, and your spiritual state (yoga, church etc.). If you're constantly spinning your career plate, the other plates are eventually going to slow down so much that they crash to the floor. They can be picked back up, but it's a lot easier to just keep them all spinning by giving them a push. Maybe one slows down more than the others, but as long as it's still spinning you're doing okay. 

Hone Your Act 

The individuals who have mastered this are actively cycling through the areas of their life, spinning where needed. We recommend picking a few things that are going to get the most of your energy such as: your family (spouse, kids etc.), your health, and your career. These three things take priority when it comes to the balancing act, but should never take up all of your time and energy. 

The key takeaway, it's okay to dip in and out of your key areas. Not being a perfect parent 24/7 is okay, without taking care of your health and getting some you time, you won't be the best parent you can be. Take time to identify which areas your spinning too much or too little and begin fine tuning your balancing act. That's the best all of us can do! 

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