7 Possible Reasons You're Tired All The Time

While there are certainly medical conditions, diseases and syndromes that can cause extreme fatigue, in this post we'll be addressing some of the most common causes for perpetual low energy that are often missed. Many of which can be worked on immediately without medical attention! 

So let's get to those 7 possible reasons you're tired all the time.

1. You're Dehydrated 

A primary symptom of dehydration is fatigue. Our bodies also create feelings of hunger when we're actually thirsty, causing us to start snacking instead of taking a sip of water keeping us stuck with the same feelings of low energy. Set a water goal throughout the day, even if you don't hit it every single day (hello being human) you'll more than likely up your water intake and fight those drowsy feelings. 

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2. You Have Poor Posture

Your physiology plays a big part in your energy levels. When we slump our shoulders, hang our head and slouch, our brain associates this posture with feeling tired or sad, and our energy levels actually drop. Right now, sit up straight in your chair, put your shoulders back, and lift your head up, feel a little more energized?! Good, stay like this :)

3. You're Stressed And Anxious

Stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts are extremely draining. We expend mental energy worrying about so many things that probably won't happen. While clearing your mind of negativity is definitely not a quick fix, being aware of how taxing it is is the first step in eliminating this power sucking habit from your life. 

4. You're Lacking Protein In Your Diet

This one is extremely common. When your body doesn't have enough protein to carry out it's daily duties it has to pull energy from somewhere, and this extra expenditure results in low energy, brain fog, poor concentration, lack of motivation and trouble learning new information. Up that protein!

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5. You Sit Too Much

This stagnant state results in our blood flow slowing and our muscles to stiffen. The average American spends so much of their day sitting: driving, working, watching tv etc. and all this lack of motion makes, you, TIRED. Aim to stand up every 30 minutes and move. Do 10 squats, or pushups (my personal favorite) with your hands placed on the edge of your desk, or just some leg swings and arm circles. Wake that body up! 

6. Your Gut Is Unhealthy

Not the bit that hangs over your jeans, but what's going on inside of your body. Other symptoms of an intestinal tract that is suffering include bloating, gas, skin problems, mood swings, frequent infections and illnesses. Yes, all of that! To heal and repair your gut, begin by adding in a daily probiotic and reducing inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and sugar. This should boost your energy levels and address some of the other issues mentioned.

7. You're Deficient In Certain Nutrients 

This ties to #4 in that when your body is missing a component it needs to work efficiently, it will pull energy from elsewhere to get the job done. Help your system out! Eat a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, spices and other nutrient dense foods. Variety is the key here, or try supplementing the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

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