At ELEVATED Fitness and Nutrition, our mission is to give people the

energy they need to live the life of their dreams

Setting the New Standard

Elevated was born in 2014 when founders John Moran and Cathy Christen met at Tony Robbins’, Date with Destiny. Having both lost loved ones unexpectedly, and sharing a great passion for family, they both believed that physical health and energy lays the foundation for everything in life: if you’re sick, tired, moving slow, you’re not able to live life fully; in good health, you have the ability to function at peak capacity in all areas of your life. They also believed that the health and dietary supplements industry today was missing one vital component--health.

They decided then to set a new standard for supplement companies, one that puts the consumer first. Teaming up with functional medicine/holistic practitioner, Dr. Emily Parke, they created vegan friendly, plant based formulas for Elevated’s three flagship products that are unwavering on quality.

Products With Integrity

Our PURe2 Protein, IGNITe2 Energy Boost and LEAN OUT2 Capsules are created right here in California, at nationally renowned GMP Labs. GMP is USDA Organic certified, NSF Certified for Sport, and FDA approved. Elevated products are sugar, dairy, gluten and soy free, containing full effective daily doses of essential vitamins and minerals, including CoQ10 and Rhodiola. Our formulas are designed to optimize energy levels and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs, not just take the edge off your hunger. The plant based recipes make them hypoallergenic, easy to digest (no more bloating and inflammation!) and eco-friendly. You can learn more about each product by clicking on it here.

People With Purpose

The true essence of Elevated lies within our community--an incredible group of caring, driven individuals focused on giving back by helping others elevate their health, energy and confidence, through our Free Fit Camps, Elevated Eats events and other community programs. Each day is an opportunity to grow, give and get the most out of life. Now the only question is…

Are you ready to #LIVEELEVATED?