The Power of Positive Thinking

 Author: Rusty Davis

The Power of Positive Thinking

And a whole lot more

Life is simple. We often find ourselves trudging through life trying to convince ourselves of certain realities, but one simple fact remains: The truth wins.

Not everyone’s reality is the same. There is no clear linear path. Sure, times are tough. They always are. Each generation has their own battles. Each person encounters their own confrontations. No day is the same as the last. The media pushes issues down our throats. We find flaws. Flaws are always swirling around us.

The fact is, there are flaws in everything. Flip the same coin and you will find: Opportunity.

Shifting Perspective

Life is about choice. Despite what many believe, everything we do is a choice. Every thought we grasp – or action we take – is a choice. No one forces us to do anything: we make the decisions we act upon.

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You’re more than welcome to look at the pessimistic aspects of society and life. You can feel sorry for yourself, but it only hurts one person – yourself. With my short time here on earth, I choose to be optimistic. I choose to find the morsel of good fortune in every shitty situation. I choose to find the strength to push the rock up the hill. And my goal is to inspire others to do the same.

We need to realize the rarity it is to be a human being. As the entrepreneur Gary Vee states in many of his interviews, “The odds of becoming a human being is 4 hundred trillion to one.” How lucky are we? The odds of becoming a conscious creature capable of manipulating the world around us with our intellect and opposable thumbs is insane.

Let that sink in: 400 trillion to 1.

Honestly, I don’t even feel worthy of the honor. I am truly humbled by the fact. But, I feel it is my duty to take full advantage of it. We must take full advantage of it. We have no time to dwell on the negative or the past. We must do what we can right here and right now.

Spreading Positivity

Negativity can spread like a disease. Everybody has their problems. We can dwell on them all we want, but guess what? Nobody cares.

Yes, it’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth.

Do you care about the wellbeing of others? Sure, but what can you do for them if you can’t help yourself?

The truth is, we have to be a little selfish. We have to set goals and we need to set them high. The better we can do for ourselves, the more we can do for others.

The more successful we become, the further our megaphones can reach.

So, instead of slogging through life surrounded by a cloud of negativity, lets push through this existence with our heads held high till the day we die. Let’s spread some positivity.

Believe it or not, a small majority of people in this world are angry, hateful, and dark––however, they tend to be much louder than those who are excited, happy, and feel great.

This needs to change.

We can use the same avenues “The Bitter” use to spread cheer and good fortune. With our bright lights, we can become louder because that’s the only way to fight the anger. Anger can’t beat anger. Don’t let anger consume you and don’t let it spread.  

Please take on the sense of responsibility that if you’ve got good, and you feel good, to start sharing it with others.

Because the world needs more of it.

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