The Force Within: 3 Steps to Success

Author: Brandon Talbot

The Force Within: 3 Steps to Success

“Is there a force, a factor, a power, a science, call it what you will…a something which a few people understand and use to overcome their difficulties and achieve outstanding success? I firmly believe that there is. It is my purpose here to attempt to explain it so that you may use it if you desire” – From the book “The Magic of Believing" by Claude Bristol

There are just a few guarantees in life, namely, life itself and its counterpart, death. I would like to share with you one more guarantee, and I will let you decide whether or not to employ it. It is the guarantee of success. Rather a guarantee of fulfillment of life, as success can look like many things to many people. It is a simple process, just 3 steps, but the power it holds can be life changing. Follow these steps and I GUARANTEE you a life fulfilled.

Step 1: Gratitude

I want you to close your eyes for a moment. Bring to your mind an image of a time when you were extremely thankful for something. Perhaps it was life, air, a hot shower, or a warm meal maybe?  Now think about your emotions while entertaining this moment, were they negative in any way? I doubt it. You see it is impossible to be upset when in a state of gratitude. Gratitude is the logical first step in fulfillment because gratitude allows you to feel happiness without any materialistic increase.

Happiness is wholly independent of personal wealth, worldly possessions or position. Think about your situation, and although you might not be where you want to be, you can still be thankful for what you have at that moment. When you are grateful, you are happy.  Happiness is what so many seek and desire yet never find it, because they are simply never satisfied with what they have.

Step 2: Belief in one’s self

If you want a life full of joy and accomplishment, you must have confidence in your own powers.  When I get asked what I do for a living and tell them I train people for better performance, I almost always get asked “what is the #1 trait for better performance?”  My answer is generally met with 50/50 surprise or disbelief….”belief in one’s self”.  The #1 performance trait for a sprinter, a weekend warrior, or the single mom who just wants to feel good about their self is confidence in themselves, and their abilities.

I truly find it saddening to meet so many individuals who think so little of themselves ,who give up on themselves, & the experiences they could have if they just trusted their own power, but instead choose to shrink away from life.

“But Brandon, how is it possible for someone who has a fatalistic sense of view, who’s thoughts which are overwhelmingly pessimistic and filled with inadequacy supposed to change their entire concepts of reality?“

1. You must fixate your mind on positive events

If you constantly think about events in a worse case scenario, your power of thought can manifest the very condition you fear.  You therefore must constantly occupy your mind with positive thoughts of the outcomes you want to have. This is absolutely a skill.  It takes time, and it takes practice, but it can be improved.

2. You need to face your fears

You need to step outside of your comfort zone and actively try to improve upon the things you don’t excel in.  Which means failure is bound to happen.  People fear what they do not understand. The evil monster that is killing everyone in the scary movie is horrifying right up until they show it in it’s entirety. At that point there is nothing left to the imagination and our fears turn into certainty. There is no fear in certainty.

I have been a very cynical, pessimistic kind of person, and have had a “nothing will ever change for me” attitude for a large portion of my life.  Then a few years ago I had an event take place that flipped everything around for me.  In the words of Les Brown, “It’s possible!” became my mantra.  You can read about that story here.  It’s too long for this post.  But ultimately testing myself, and having my perception of failure challenged, I came to realize I didn’t fail. I succeeded after all. It opened up possibility that I didn’t think I would ever see.   


Step 3: Develop a sickening work ethic

99% of winning at life is outlasting the other guy. You might have heard the saying “It’s impossible to beat someone who won’t give up”?  It’s true.  Every person who is at the pinnacle of success in whatever regard since the beginning of man, has had to work insanely hard for it.  Success is sought by many but found by few, because they give up much too soon.  I shared a thought to a struggling athlete of mine who is trying to make the US Skeleton team.

“People in general have a 99% failure rate at life. Why? Well 90% of people fail at life, because they never really give it a try.  They never go after what they want out of it. The other 9% of people fail, because they half-ass their attempt so they can buy into their story of “”I’ve tried everything”” that they then tell the first 90%. That leaves 1% who succeeds. What do they have in common? THEY NEVER EVER GIVE UP.”

I don’t have a world class skill set in anything, but I know I will have the success I’m looking for because I work my face off.  It’s just that plain and simple.  Today is my day “off” and it started at 6:00 am.  It usually starts at 4:45.

  •      6:00 am -Training session. Sundays are for sweat. Lots of sauna, biking, sled pushing and then heavy grip training.
  •      8:00 am – Self Improvement (Gratitude exercise, goal setting, 3 ideas for success, Skill study, and meditation.
  •      10:00 am – Actual work.

o   Created workouts for Vertical Project participants

o   Created meal plans and nutrition for 3 different clients

o   Shot a new recovery video

o   60min phone call with potential new client

o   Research on pro lacrosse combine

o   Edit movement evaluations for VP clients

o   Built onto CEO website

o   Article for Elevated

o   Audio work for Elevated

o   Sent email list educational videos and blog update

o   Social media posting (Superhuman Sunday)

o   Schedule clients for personal training

o   Research Online Video/Meeting software and apps.

  •      4:30 pm- Current time of writing
  •      10:00 pm – Projected time of completion

That’s my day off. As you can see it’s a very busy day. I spend every single bit of it working on becoming Brandon 2.0 or getting my clients the same thing.  I set a goal at the start of the week and then I work my face off to complete them. I do this for the month and 3 month periods as well.  I’m so insanely fortunate I get to do what I love for a job, it would be a slap in the face to the universe if I didn’t work my butt off to prove it.  It might be hard, just not hard work.

There in a nutshell is your 3 step guarantee to having a massively successful, fulfilling life.

  1.     BE GRATEFUL

I would like to end with one final quote from Claude Bristol’s book “The Magic in Believing”.

“Just believe that there is a genuine creative magic in believing, and magic there will be. For belief will supply the power which will enable you to succeed in everything you undertake. Back your belief with a resolute will and you will become…unconquerable.”

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