The 5 Key Benefits of CoQ10 (And Why You NEED To Be Supplementing It!)

 Author: Robyn Deeley

The 5 Key Benefits of CoQ10

(And Why You Need to Be Supplementing It!)

You may have heard the name CoQ10 (short for Coenzyme Q10), thrown around a lot the past year or so as it's been thrust into the health and wellness limelight. But what makes it so great? There are a lot of benefits to this "miracle nutrient," and it really does deserve the attention and praise it receives. 

Here we'll cover why keeping your CoQ10 levels elevated is so important as we dive into its 5 key benefits.

1. Increases Energy!

As we age, our bodies natural production of CoQ10 wanes drastically. Responsible for the production of energy in our cells, this has a very negative impact on our overall energy levels. When our CoQ10 levels are up, so is our energy! 

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2. Promotes heart health

CoQ10 keeps energy up in your most needed areas, meaning your vital organs. The organ requiring the most energy is, you guessed it, your heart! 

3. Enhances immune system 

There are numerous studies linking CoQ10 levels to immunity strength. One study showed that CoQ10 supplementation boosted the production of T Helper cells and IgG antibodies, two types of immune cells involved with your higher-powered immune response (adaptive immunity) that is also required to fight any viral infection. 

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4. Attacks cancer causing cells 

Free radicals are groups of atoms that when chained together can cause cellular damage––the common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant protection, CoQ10 is able to terminate the chain reaction before vital molecules are damaged, preventing cancer causing cells from forming! 

5. Helps prevent and treat a variety of health problems 

This includes migraines, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, and more. 

Bottom line is, when your cells have adequate energy supplies, they can function at their best, when they function at their best, your body is in it's healthiest state, able to fight off potential health dangers and keep you feeling good. Refueling your CoQ10 levels and supplementing this natural cellular booster will make a huge impact on your overall energy and health (when taken consistently!).

That's why Elevated's IGNITe2 Energy Boost contains the full effective daily dose of the miracle nutrient.

The 5 Key Benefits of CoQ10

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