The 3 Simple Reasons You Already Abandoned Your Resolution

 Author: Lisa Dietrich

The 3 Simple Reasons You Already Abandoned Your Resolution

It’s the beginning of 2017. Your resolution was set and this was the year. Well, it was supposed to be. Going to the gym wasn’t all that difficult, but you weren’t very consistent. And the food was super bland and it always looked so gross compared to literally anything else available.

You gave yourself the definitive deadline of May 1st so that by swimsuit season, you’d have the body you want. You even bought the suits for those before and after pictures you’d show off on Instagram–after the fact.

That was when you were motivated and thought that all it took was buying a new shaker bottle and that ridiculously expensive gym gear. Now it’s February and things aren’t the same.

One of the greatest moments in life comes right after a failure. In that moment there is an opportunity to review what happened, and make adjustments to improve. With that in mind, let’s look at why it didn’t work.

1. You didn’t push yourself

I’m not at all saying you didn’t try, because you did. You just didn’t do what your body needed. During my time as a personal trainer, I’ve been able to see plenty of people make progress—some quickly, others slowly. The people who make the most progress quickly are those who lift the heavy weights. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the ones who lift the weights that challenge them are the ones who meet their goals.

When you build muscle, it needs fuel. When you only do cardio, your body doesn’t need more fuel, it simply adjusts to what it thinks is the new normal. Even while resting, if you have enough muscle, your body will burn an incredible amount of calories. You will find yourself hungry more often because you have well-developed muscles that need it.

When you lift weights that challenge your muscles, you will see and feel progress quickly.

2. You didn’t completely follow the meal plan

Maybe you found it on a popular Pinterest post or maybe your favorite Instagram fitness model suggested a certain diet with zero carbs. Whatever its origin, you told yourself that this is what you needed to do in order to get that dream body.

For the first week it wasn’t that difficult to prepare the food and take it with you everywhere you went.  In fact, you felt better while you were eating so strict. But you soon realized that you weren’t satisfied. You started to have a drink here and there and soon little snacks and exceptions started to be normal again.

Having worked in weight loss, I can tell you that your fuel matters. You’ve heard it mentioned before that most of the change happens because of change in the kitchen. It couldn’t be truer. Proper diet alone will make you feel fantastic as well as help you make visible progress quickly.

3. You didn’t have accountability

Yes, you had that app on your phone that is designed to help you create good habits, but it didn’t really work; mainly because you didn’t use it consistently. But that wasn’t the entire problem. It was difficult to actually motivate yourself to get off the couch and get to the gym. There wasn’t anyone telling you to go. It was either your sheer will, or no trip to the gym.

If you want to kick some butt, you’ve got to get someone to kick it with you. Now, I know some of you are thinking, “I don’t know anyone who would go to the gym with me.” My best advice to you is find someone. Go to the gym and meet someone. Ask the people you see who are there when you are.

I worked for a gym that would allow members to complete a weight loss challenge of losing twenty pounds in six weeks. They were able to check out the gym and meet the trainers during a free trial period. It was a nice way to jump-start a client losing weight completely free—and it didn’t work. The challenge didn’t work because there was nothing to lose. There was no real accountability; nothing valuable at stake.

After the lack of commitment during free challenges, the owner of the gym knew that he had to add a consequence. The challenge then required a deposit of a few hundred dollars that the challengers were required to win back. Once they lost their twenty pounds, they either got their money back or the opportunity to invest that money into a gym membership.

Find a system that holds you accountable, whether by money or friendship.

The entire goal of setting a resolution is to accomplish it. Make the road to accomplishing that fitness resolution easier by following three steps: push yourself, create and follow a realistic meal plan, and have great accountability.

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