The Problem With Supplements Today

 Author: Robyn Deeley

Health Supplements––Do You Know What You’re Buying?

It’s true, the health and dietary supplements industry today is saturated with thousands of products: protein shakes, detox teas, vitamins, energy drinks, amino acid mixes, probiotics, and the list goes on, and on. So why are there still so many unhealthy people?

Capitalism: making the cheapest product with the highest profit margin. Apply this to the supplements industry and you’re left with products that do more harm than good, packed with fillers, preservatives, thickeners and sugar. Since supplements aren’t a drug (although directed at impacting your health), there are very limited FDA regulations imposed on them. They are self-regulated by the manufacturer, instead of the FDA, so the people who make the supplements are in charge of monitoring them. This can be both bad and good…

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With a lot of wiggle room for companies to “label dress,” or fluff up their nutrition labels, consumers are often marketed a false product. For example: A protein shake states that “This product contains essential B-vitamins and amino acids!” In reality, only trace amounts of the vitamin, mineral, or amino acid need be present in the recipe for them to make that claim on the front of the label. The average American isn’t checking daily percentage values on the back, nor should they have to.

Health is our most basic human right, but in a world where big business has their hands in the mix, sedentary lifestyles that restrict our movement (driving, office jobs etc.) are rampant, and an overwhelming level of misguided nutritional information fills the airwaves, it’s no mystery why America’s health stats are where they are.

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Fortunately we’re more educated today than we’ve ever been, we just have to cut through the noise and corporate junk we’re fed--literally. Eat more foods from the fresh produce section, cut out sugar and dairy, keep your meats lean and fresh, and read your labels! If you take anything away from this article, it’s these three things: health is a choice, your future is within your control, you just have to decide to make it happen. Education is power, take this (new) knowledge and run with it––then add in some squats, pushups and crunches to seal the deal.

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