5 Tricks That Will Make You Like Mondays

We all know those people, have read those articles (similar to this one!), and seen those inspiring videos that profess the astute glory of Mondays. But for some of us, the truth is that getting back in the swing of things after the weekend can be tough. And that’s okay, you’re human. What’s important is that you’re here, and you’re going to make yourself like Mondays with these five tricks. Because that’s what winners do.

1. Prep On Sunday Night

This is a given, but something often overlooked. Getting your schedule in order, responding to urgent emails, picking out an outfit, and pre-preparing your breakfast and lunch can go a seriously long way to make your morning run as smooth as possible. Every bit helps and will cushion whatever curve balls Monday can throw at you if all the little things are in place.

2. Reserve A Special Treat

Have pancakes for lunch, call a good friend for a catchup, go barefoot for the whole day, you name it! Humans are creatures of habit, and by allowing yourself to consistently enjoy something only on Monday will condition you to look forward to this day. Plus you need to call your friends more, Dave misses you.

3. Master Your To-Do List 

Fight the urge to write down every single thing you need to get done this quarter on a sheet of paper. Instead, choose 5-7 tasks, big and small, that can be completed throughout the day. Your list is then full of of little victories rather than tons of things you still need to do in the coming weeks. Often times a hectic work day will finally come to an end and you have very little to show for it. Now, you can pull out your list and give yourself a pat on the back (then cross that off your list). 

4. Say Happy Monday To Other People

The brain is a funny thing. Smiling when you’re upset or angry can actually lighten your mood, the same way saying positive things out loud can make you believe them and feel better. By making yourself wish those around you a Happy Monday, or starting off your emails with the phrase, it will begin to resonate. Kind of a fake it till you make it thing, and it works!

5. Get A Workout In

I know, this might not be what you want to hear, but starting your day with a win is a surefire way to kick the rest of Monday's ass. Exercise is sceintifically proven to put you in a better mood, make you more alert, and give you long lasting energy. Who doesn't want to start their Monday (and everyday) off like that?! 

Bonus: Caffeine

A lot of it.

These are things that I have found helpful in my ever-persistent journey to being a better person when Monday rolls around. It can be hard to get back in the groove, no matter how much we love what we do. But together, WE CAN BE that person who loves Monday! Are you with me?! Now go decide which shoes you’re going to wear and put Dave on speed dial, because tomorrow is about to be a great day.

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