3 Easy Ways To Get Complete Proteins Into Your Diet That Aren't Meat

 Author: Robyn Deeley

3 Easy Ways To Get Complete Proteins Into Your Diet That Aren't Meat

Meat and eggs aren't the only cool kids in town packing complete proteins, no sir. And we've got the plants to prove it.

A complete protein consists of the 9 essential amino acids the body needs to thrive, and they must be obtained through our diets (as the body doesn't product them). Here we have the 3 easiest ways, that once you're aware of them, will help get plenty of plant based, complete proteins into your diet. 

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1. Choose your carbs wisely 

Not all foods are created equal, in fact, some of them are downright super! When it comes to your carbs, try switching out traditional grains and gluten products for those rich in amino acids, aka protein. Ditch the spaghetti for one of these protein and nutrient dense superfood options:

  • Quinoa
  • Ezekiel Bread 
  • Buckwheat 

With the huge rise in gluten free diets, the product options found in your common grocery store has exploded! For some more creative (and nutritionally sound) options, check out Trader Joe's, Thrive Market, or Whole Foods for some fun variations of the list above, including things like quinoa pasta and buckwheat pancake mixes (which are quite inexpensive!). 

2. Hit those killer combos

While many plants are incomplete proteins, when paired together they become complete! Here's a few of our favorite pairings:

  • Rice and beans (any variation)
  • Spirulina with nuts and seeds
  • Peanut butter oatmeal or sandwich

Yep, peanut butter sandwiches! Spirulina comes most commonly in powder form, so try adding it to your smoothie bowl and topping with almonds and hemp seeds, or eating a handful of cashews along with your shake. 

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3. Supplement it!

We talk about this a lot, because it's true! One of the easiest ways to get more complete, plant based protein into your diet is to supplement it with a quality powder. Make sure you find one that pulls their ingredients from sound sources and DEFINITELY hits those 9 essential amino acids.

As always, keep your diet varied and filled with a wide array of colorful, fresh foods! You'll find the rest will take care of itself. 

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